The School.

Following the Decree 9nof January 1993, allowing for the establishment of Private Polytechnics, in the country, Wolex Polytechnic was one of the lucky Polytechnics registered by the Federal Government in 1999 with certificate No. FME/NBTEPP/00/02 dated 4th September, 2000.

The functions and general objective of the Polytechnic are to provide full-time and part-time courses of instructions and training in technology, applied sciences, commerce and management, and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the needs and development of Nigeria in the areas of industrial and agricultural production and distribution of techniques.

Where we are!

Wolex Polytechnic has produced successful individuals in all sphere of life. We are grateful to have produced academic,political and professional giants.

We are guided by our mission,vision and core values as we aim to better our best.

Our Mission

To create knowledge through technology and human capacity building that would empower the youths in nigeria.

Our Vision

to revolutionize the educational landscape of africa by empowering the youths of nigeria.

Our Core Values

- Discipline
- Integrity
- Possibility mentality
- Diligence
- Capacity building